Sandhya Ajoy,Parent

Akshara School- A place where every child is nurtured and taken care of. A school where the child has an opportunity to explore his or her potential. A conducive atmosphere and a second home.

Ms. Reshma Nair,English teacher...

As a parent (my daughter Gitanjali studied at Akshara School from 2005 – 2008 ) I can say that I am indebted to this school for the tremendous effort that they have taken in developing my daughter academically and socially. Amidst an atmosphere of fun and learning each child grows by leaps and bounds. The teachers nurture these tiny minds to bloom with confidence and happiness. This is the kind of school that every parent dreams of sending their ward to - school which goes beyond commercial considerations and concentrates on the holistic development of each child, the kind of school that every child loves to go to . Kudos to principal , Mrs. Lekha Shankaran for her vision and passion for education.

Neetha Gopinath,Ex-parent

Akshara school provides opportunities to enhance the students creative expression. The school aims to inspire a life long love for learning in children by providing a stimulating and nurturing environment to explore their unique talent skills. School gives importance in character building, values of simplicity and humanity.

Arathy Santosh,Managing Partner,...

Akshara school has given me and my children a marvellous and wonderful experience. My children have learnt what is necessary for them to lead their lives beyond. Akshara is one of the best school for a student to seek knowledge as well as start their education.I would like to thank all the teachers working in Akshara. It takes huge effort to organise educational programmes which are available to us. I wish Lekha teacher and her team all the success. It was a privilege to be a part of such a good foundation filled with such amazing people. My children have received the greatest benefit in their studies that I can imagine in my life.

Winnie John and Bilcy John,Winnie John, Global...

We carry good memories of our son Johan John's early days as a LKG student in Akshara Nursery School more than 14 years ago . This was at a time when we were living in Palakkad and was looking at right place to find the first school for our 4 year old son . Once Johan joined the school , we soon realised the vision behind the school and the execution of those academic plans . We found Mrs Lekha and her team very dedicated ,they follow a comprehensive rigour in developing young minds and most importantly, make every child feel special and important . We were happy to see our very shy and quiet son , feel comfortable in the school and enjoying the activities - and eventually ended his first year with a merit scholarship and a grand gala dance performance during school anniversary. We are happy that he had a good start to his academic life .Today , Johan is a first year economics student at Manchester university in UK and he still carry some great memories with Lekha teacher and team in Akshara. Our best wishes to Mrs Lekha and team in all their future endeavours . They have a mind and heart dedicated to making a difference in lives of every child which comes to their school .

Chetna Thekkepat,RBSK Manager, NRHM

An adult is all about his/her childhood. A person's personality is a reflection of his parents, home and his "school". School is the foundation of a person's personality and for my son Indraneil, " Akshara " has played that role . I would like to appreciate and extend my heartfelt thanks to the school and the Teachers who are constantly working hard to make the "early years of learning", a joy ride for its students. It fills me with great pleasure To thank Akshara School for its individual attention, differential teaching approach and the concept of learning by doing . Today Indraneil is a very aware child, aware of what is happening around and within him we adults had never been treated with the approach of learning by doing but schools like Akshara are breaking all the conventional method of teaching and one is in the time frame of the world helping the children come out with flying colours. I wish Akshara School all the very best for all the future endeavours.

Dr.G.Asha,Ophthalmologist,Vasan Eyecare,Palakkad,Dr.K.S.Sanjeev...

When we had to shift our son from a big school due to his hyperactivity, we landed in Akshara. The homely atmosphere, caring & affectionate attitude of teachers with individualized training by trained teachers under the guidance of the principal groomed him into a confident, happy young boy.


Academic excellence is not the sole criterion for earning a name and prestige. An ideal institution must aim at all round development of the pupil. Surely AKSHARA is such a school that gives proper guidance, coaching and support in every field like sports, game, music, dance etc. “AKSHARA” was a second home for our children. They went there enthusiastically and showed eagerness to go even on Saturdays and Sundays. For every student he or she doesn’t feel it is a school. The teachers give them freedom and care too.The exposure and early experiences at Akshara has helped them to overcome their stage fear and they have become very confident. Every student after schooling at AKSHARA knows how to care, share, co-operate and respect others .

Sandeep Bhaskar,Managing partner,...

All my kids Nivedh Nakul & Nayana did their kindergarten schooling @Akshara and am very happy n proud to say that they had their best primary education from Akshara,they got their fundamentals right and are easily coming first in Lions school now .Thanks to Akshara for that and also for improving their creativity n character along with studies . Akshara school, it's the best and second home for kids.

Dr.P.Sunil Kumar - Consultant Neurosurgeon.,Dr.Sunitha Sunil -...

" As young parents searching for the right school is an arduous task. We were looking for a school where he would enjoy attending classes , learn the art of making friends and at the same time acquire knowledge. Interacting with Lekha madam made decision taking very easy. She was the right combination of motherly feeling and teacher like attitude. Strict but caring. She made my son feel welcome at Akshara. That was just the beginning. He studied there from UKG to 4th standard. We never had a reason to complain even once in those 5 years . Academics and co curricular activities went hand in hand. He became more confident interacting with others. All this was made possible by the excellent staff they have. They know each and every child and his parents well. Truly remarkable in this age. My son still just needs an excuse to meet his beloved teachers....and eagerly looks forward to their annual day. We as parents are truly indebted to Akshara school for laying a strong foundation for our son's future. "