Nandini Raj,Co- Founder and...

After completing Kindergarten in Zoom Kids, my daughter Anamika Raj joined a reputed higher secondary school. There the treatment was so bad that she went into depression. That is when I took admission in Akshara. I had informed the Principal, Mrs. Lekha of my daughter's condition and she assured me full support. At Akshara the teachers are so friendly and loving that she recovered fast. All the kids in Akshara are given equal opportunity to participate in cultural, literary and sports competition. So my daughter blossomed into an all rounder. The school gives a lot of importance to Creative learning helping the students to develop as a complete personality. A child's early years in school moulds their personality for life and I'm happy that I chose Akshara for my daughter...

Wilson P,Shreya' Parent-std...

Even though Akshara school is situated in a residential area,it has a calm and pleasant atmosphere. The school has classes from Pre.K.G to IV th std.Principal and staff members are lovable,sincere and dedicated.Teachers take the initiative in bringing up the inborn talents hidden in each child.Children are trained to develop in various fields like sports,literary and cultural.The school give more importance to the overall development of the child

Navaneeth's Parent,Parent

One of the very few school who nurture the differently abled.

Abhijit's mom,Parent

Akshara School is a wonderful place where the tiny tots start their academic career. The ambiance and pleasant atmosphere makes the children happy and disciplined.Here, the teachers give individual attention to children. All the children are involved in sports and extra curricular activities which enable them to hone their skills. Each and every positive attempt by the children are appreciated and encouraged.

Ayushi's mother,Parent

Akshara is undoubtedly the best of its kind in the locality providing value based education,nurturing the little kids.The teaching staff are also very caring to groom up the small children to imbibe intellectual interest. However many of us feel that the institution grows up in infrastructure and other requirement ,so that students get education there at least upto class VII th.